I’m so excited I almost can’t contain myself! Today is THE FINAL COUNTDOWN AUTHOR TAKEOVER PARTY celebrating TOMORROW’S RELEASE of my  novel, The Edge of Nowhere.  Seriously, ya’ll — I’m so excited that I’m dang-near giddy!  We’re gonna have so much fun today!

Just a quick reminder of what’s happening:  Beginning at NOON TODAY CENTRAL TIME ZONE, nearly a dozen fabulous authors will help me celebrate the release of my novel in the Event Group for this novel.  Each will take 30-minute time slots and will host contests and giveaways.  You’ll get to know more about these wonderful authors, win great prizes, and just have an all-around really fun virtual party!

The best part?  You don’t have to get dressed up to show up!  If you work from home, join us in your PJs!  Dreading that really long meeting at work?  Log in from your smart phone — it’ll be our secret!  Join us for five minutes or all day!

Below is the schedule for today.  If you missed any of the author spotlights for any of these authors and want to know more, simply click on their names and it’ll take you directly to the author spotlight page to learn more!  To go to the event, use THIS LINK.

As part of this party, I plan to give away FOUR E-BOOK COPIES of The Edge of Nowhere.  If you’ve already purchased, that’s okay — enter to win, and you can “gift” it to a friend.  Just let me know who the lucky recipient is when I notify the winners.  To enter, you MUST attend this event and sign in.  I’ll add more details on the event page.

I’ll also be announcing the name of the Blog Hop contest which concluded on January 15, and I have A HUGE SURPRISE for readers of The Edge of Nowhere, that I hope you enjoy!  So join me from NOON UNTIL 6:00 PM TODAY.  Follow THIS LINK to join us!


Click on the author’s name to learn more about that author, and to
discover what he or she is giving away during the day’s party!

12:00 PM
Monique Raphel-High

12:30 PM
Cara Sue Achterberg

1:00 PM
Tina Seskis

1:30 PM
Amanda Linsmeier

2:00 PM
Jamie McLachlan

2:30 PM
C.M. McCoy

3:00 PM
Kelly Cain

3:30 PM
CJ Fosdick

4:00 PM
Jim Cangany

4:30 PM
Catherine Haustein

5:00 PM
Abbie Williams

5:30 PM
Bianca M. Schwarz

6:00 PM
C.H. Armstrong (Wrapup)

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