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Books By C.H. Armstrong

Roam 3D Book Cover


Released in February 2019 and inspired by the homeless community in Rochester, Minn., ROAM follows 17 year-old Abby Lunde as she navigates the caste system of a new high school while living with her mom, step-dad, and little sister in the family’s van in a Walmart parking lot. Abby wants two things: to be a normal teen, and to keep her embarrassing secret from her new friends. But Minnesota winters are unforgiving, and so are many teens. As frigid temps settle in and her secrets are exposed, Abby knows she must trust those around her for support. But will her new friends rise to the challenge, or will they betray her like her old friends at her last school?

Use this link to watch the ROAM Video Trailer.

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Originally released in 2016, THE EDGE OF NOWHERE will re-release as a second edition with comprehensive edits and new material on June 1, 2019. Inspired by Armstrong’s grandmother THE EDGE OF NOWHERE follows Victoria Hastings Harrison Greene and the impossible decisions she’s forced to make as a young widow with nine children during the one-two punch of The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl. Is there anything a mother wouldn’t do to protect and provide for her children? Is there anything you wouldn’t do for yours?

Use this link to view THE EDGE OF NOWHERE Video Trailer.

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Deja You 3D Cover


Released in 2017 with “Book Besties” Amanda Linsmeier, Kelly Cain, Bianca Schwarz an Jamie McLachlan, DÉJÀ YOU is an anthology of short stories centered around the theme of second chances.

In Armstrong’s contribution, Mr. Midnight, tragedy reunites two star-crossed lovers, but misunderstandings soon rip them apart. Now, six years later, the stars are realigning with the help of the smooth voice of a late night radio DJ known as “Mr. Midnight.”

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About C.H. Armstrong

CHArmstrongC.H. Armstrong is an Oklahoma native transplanted in Minnesota for twenty-seven years.  A 1992 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, she holds a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in History.  A prolific reader of many genres, Cathie — as she is called by her friends — vividly remembers learning to read and the thrill of “unlocking the code” behind the letters that make up a word.

Her favorite novel is To Kill a Mockingbird, and her debut YA title, ROAM, plays homage to the timeless novel through the book’s central theme of understanding the people and world around you by trying to understand the world through the lens and experiences of others.

When she’s not writing, Armstrong enjoys following her beloved Oklahoma Sooners Football Team. She maintains a very active presence on social media and enjoys presenting to classrooms on the themes found in her novel, Roam, and the historical significance of The Dust Bowl as described in her novel, The Edge of Nowhere.

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You can contact Cathie on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or send an email to Cathie@charmstrongbooks.com.

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