Editor Recommendations

Like any craft, sometimes it’s necessary to reach out for help. And as an writer, sometimes that help means finding a good editor to identify issues within your manuscript, or maybe help you put together a kick-butt query letter that will stand out to agents. While I don’t off these services myself, there are a few wonderful editors I’ve come to know over the years and I’m happy to offer their business links to you as suggestions.


Joel Brigham is an intern at The Purcell Agency and holds a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English Education. The author of five novels (three currently on submission with his agent), Joel spent 12 years as a senior NBA writer and, most recently, was a 2021 PitchWars mentor.

For more information about Brigham Editorial, visit Joel’s website at www.brighameditorial.com.


T.S. Ferguson is an editor with more than 15 years of editorial experience under his belt working with middle grade and young adult authors as an editor for imprints of Hachette and HarperCollins Books. Under his guidance, T.S.’s authors have gone on to hit the New York Times Bestsellers lists multiple times, and receive countless awards and starred reviews.

For more information about T.S. Ferguson’s Rates and Offerings, visit his Reedsy page at www.reedsy.com/t-s-ferguson.

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