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cjphotoToday I’m especially excited to introduce you to the 8th published author who has graciously agreed to be part of my takeover team for THE FINAL COUNTDOWN AUTHOR TAKEOVER PARTY ON JANUARY 18TH happening only on Facebook from 12:00 to 6:00 PM (Central Time Zone).  I’m especially excited to introduce CJ Fosdick because we live in the same town, write for the same magazine (Rochester  Women), and we’ve become fast friends.  CJ will be hosting on January 18th from 3:30 to 4:00 PM.

CJ’s new book, The Accidental Wife, is receiving wonderful reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, and is nominated in the Romance and Author Categories by the Annual Critters Poll for Readers and Industry People sponsored by the Predators and Editors website.  In fact, she’s not only been nominated in this category, but her title is quickly sliding into the top tier by voters.  You can take a look at her nominations in both categories by following these links:

The Accidental Wife, Nominated for Print/Electronic Romance Novel Published in 2015

CJ Fosdick, Nominated for Best Author Published in 2015

The poll closes on January 14th, and you can support CJ by placing a vote in her favor.  CJ is offering a half price discount on her newest release if you send her an e-mail that states “I voted.”

So what can I tell you about CJ?  Besides the fact that she’s an author from the town I currently call home and is insanely talented, she’s also been one of the biggest sources of support for my own novel, The Edge of Nowhere. When she heard I was launching an online party, she e-mailed me immediately and said “Sign me up — I’ll do whatever you need!”  Since then, I’ve received daily e-mails of support and encouragement, and I can’t thank her enough.

Now let me tell you about CJ the Author.

In CJ’s own Words:

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wis. but have lived longer in Minnesota. Winning a writing contest at age ten sealed the deal for my writing future, I guess. I was Feature Editor of my H.S. newspaper, and wrote a teen column for a Community Paper on the NW side of Milwaukee until I married (still in teens) and moved when hubby took a job with IBM in Rochester. With all this big-city slicker infusion, I am a country cowgirl at heart and have lived on a hilltop acreage for 30 years, surrounded by woods and wildlife that I now feed and photograph.

We raised four children, several horses, including 2 adopted wild Mustangs, dogs, cats—even a pygmy goat who indiscriminately ate my garden flowers along with wallboard in our garage. I retired from giving summer riding lessons two years ago. About 60 children rode (in a 15 yr. span) on Mt. Pegasus horses that were like family. (Kids as well as horses, and I still miss them all.) I was a 4H Horse Project Leader for several years, also active in SE MN. Horse Associations. Writing and directing several 4H Plays kept my head in writing as well as riding! With all this horsing around, I did carve out time to write short stories and articles, but the dream novel was on hold.

I’ve also written for the Post Bulletin as well as several National magazines like Writer’s Digest, Woman’s World, Far West, and local magazines like Rochester Women. One of my stories, Llama Bells won the first Post-Bulletin short story contest and went on to be published in Redbook and two national school textbooks. I also won a grant to publish Blossoms & Blizzards –an anthology of short stories, poems and essays divided into seasons—to prove that Minnesota DOES have 4 seasons. Contributions were from MN. writers like Garrison Keillor, the late Jon Hassler, Carol Bly, etc. The book was a local success–even distributed as gifts by the Kahler Hotel. (Limited copies are still available through me.)

With an empty nest…and barn today, I’ve resorted to feeding a herd of wild deer and turkeys who flock to our corn feeders. Aspirations to become a deer whisperer?? I ring a bell before coming out with the corn bucket, hoping the skittish creatures don’t scatter too far in the woods while I pour several piles of corn in the snow. (They’re chomping away and playing musical piles before I’m back indoors!) My inner child delights in watching the relationship dynamics between all the animals and birds who gather in our glade. Grist for the writing mill?

My novel dreams came true last year after the nest and barn were empty. Work in progress is the sequel to The Accidental Wife, and editing another American historical trilogy with some of the same charismatic characters in an earlier nineteenth century period. I love to read, write and watch historical dramas, but I’m not wedded to the genre. A coming of age mystery is haunting me with some impatience. Mysteries are my second genre love, but I see no reason to separate genres in any submissions. When the muse is loose, my book brand seems to include multi-genres with a few commonalities: redheads, animals, cookies, secrets and a bucket of emotional grab—so I’m told.

Yes – CJ is really as fun as she sounds, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and how blessed I am to count her as a friend.

As mentioned earlier, CJ’s novel The Accidental Wife was released several months ago in 2015.  Take a look at the cover and the synopsis.



Jessica Brewster comes from a line of independent Wyoming women with a legacy for sharp wit, longevity, and a sense of history. Physically, she resembles the celebrated great-great grandmother she is named for, who survived a Minnesota Indian massacre and outlived three husbands.

When the current heiress dies in 2012, Jessica’s life takes an unexpected U-turn back in time when she participates in an interpretive nineteenth century tea party staged at Old Fort Laramie. Living history takes on new meaning as she finds herself suddenly married to her great great grandmother’s charming first husband and mother to her own nine-year-old great grandmother in 1886.

Until she can find a portal back to the present, Jessica gamely plays the role of a lifetime. Can an intelligent 30 year old spinster who has never known—or wanted—the love of a man or child pull off the charade without losing her own heart? Jessica finds there are always checks and balances in the timeless journey of the heart, especially when a mysterious gypsy and her ancestor’s brother shows up with his own dark secret. Does her future lie in the past? Her legacy and even her life teeters in the balance.

Sun. a.m. coffee with Di IMG_3375
Diana Gabaldon with CJ Fosdick

Sounds awesome, huh?  The time travel part reminds me a bit of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series and, incidentally, CJ and I are both huge fans of both Outlander and Diana Gabaldon.  In fact, when CJ had the opportunity to see Gablandon in person, she claimed to be her biggest fan in Minnesota.  Ummm…I beg to differ!

In addition to The Accidental Wife, CJ will be releasing a short story this winter entitled Hot Stuff  as part of the Candy Hearts Romance Series for The Wild Rose Press.  Hot Stuff is available for pre-order through Amazon and you can check it out by following THIS LINK.


For THE FINAL COUNTDOWN AUTHOR TAKEOVER EVENT ON JANUARY 18TH, CJ WILL BE GIVING AWAY FREE E-BOOK COPIES OF THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE AND HOT STUFF TO TWO LUCKY WINNERS!  But y’all will have to pop in from 3:30 to 4:00 PM on the 18th to see what CJ has in mind for selecting her winners!

In the meantime, take a moment to find CJ on her website and other social media…and don’t forget to check out her books, too!  You won’t be sorry!

CJ’s Website

CJ’s Blog




Amazon Author Page

CJ’s Publisher – Wild Rose Press

Last Monthly Newsletter

Purchase a Copy of The Accidental Wife




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