Teaching Mom to Laugh at Herself

One of the lessons I’ve tried my hardest to instill in my kids is the importance of learning to laugh at yourself.  If I’ve said it once, I’m sure I’ve said it a thousand times:  “If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself, then you’ll be the only one not laughing while the rest ofContinue reading “Teaching Mom to Laugh at Herself”

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She’ll leave the light on for you…

My husband is fond of saying that when our children grow up, leave home and have their first homes of their own, we’re going to go for an extended visit and wreak our revenge.  While there, he swears that he’s going to walk around the house and systematically turn every light on as he goes,Continue reading “She’ll leave the light on for you…”

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Becoming a Domestic Goddess (Part Two)

Those of you who read my blog on Friday, Becoming a Domestic Goddess (Part One),  know that my number one goal as a new wife was to meet and exceed the expectations of not only my husband, but society in general.  After the baked potato/knife debacle, things did get better.  I bought a gazillion cookbooksContinue reading “Becoming a Domestic Goddess (Part Two)”

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What goes around comes around…

What goes around comes around…

I always get such a kick out of practical jokes played on my kids, and there’s nothing better than when you can actually catch it on tape!

A couple of summers ago, my husband used to play jokes on my daughter.  She might be doing dishes and looking out the window above the sink and my husband would pop up in out of nowhere in front of the windows to surprise her.  It was always funny and always gave us a giggle to watch her reaction.  One day, she thought she’d get him back.

On this particular day, my husband was in the basement of our house in the room we call the “Man Cave.” My children thought it’d be funny to tap on the window from the outside, and then run away and hide.  They did this several times until my husband finally decided to give them a reaction.

I had seen the kids tapping on the outside window and knew retribution was coming, but it wasn’t until I saw him husband filling a bucket of water in the kitchen sink that I realized what was to come.

“Nooooo,” said to Troy.  “You wouldn’t!”

“Yes,” he said with an evil grin.

“Oh my gosh!  Okay.  Wait!  Let me get the video camera!” I said and then ran for the camera.  The rest is history and you can see the results in the video link above.  Let’s just assume they won’t try that again!

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