It’s What the…What?  Wednesday! and once again I get to bring the bizarre news stories I’ve found throughout the week!

This week, I only have one story for you because – after reading this story – I was too stunned to look for anything else.  It simply stands alone.  It’s story that will absolutely make you say, “What the…What?”

Today’s story is compliments of my most awesome husband, Troy.  He was out surfing the web and reading news stories when he happened upon a story on entitled, “12 Percent of Younger Moms Use Cellphone During Sex:  Study.”

Whoa!  My first question is:  How bad does the sex have to be for you to be so bored that you’d multitask during the most intimate moments with your partner?  Really?  And are they texting?  Watching YouTube videos?  Making YouTube videos?  Reading Facebook?  Personally speaking, I really don’t want to know if my friends are texting me or posting on Facebook while having sex, so my questions above are purely rhetorical.

My second question is:  “Younger Moms?”  What do they mean by that?  Are we talking teen moms?  Having a teenager myself, I can attest to the fact that teens can’t go 30 seconds without phone in hand.  If a text comes in, it must be viewed and answered immediately!  So, are they talking about teen moms?

All of this leaves me rather curious, so I must ask the question:  Have YOU ever used your cell phone during sex?  The following survey is completely anonymous.  I’m dying over here!  Please give me some feedback!

For more information on this news story, follow this link to read the original news story from Today/MSNBC.