Dear Friends,

EdgeNowhere_Audible-300x300I’m sorry — I’ve dropped the ball.  This happens to me sometimes when I have too many irons in the fire.  As my daddy is known for saying, I’ve been “busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”  Not a good excuse, but what it means is that I failed to select and announce a winner for the audiobook of The Edge of Nowhere that was graciously offered by the book’s amazing narrator, Beth McIntosh.

To remedy this egregious error on my part, the winner will receive not only the audiobook from Beth, but I am throwing in a free e-copy of my book for the winner, or for her designee.  That’s right. The winner may choose to accept the e-book herself so she can read along with Beth, or she can give me the name of the person she prefers to gift the e-book to.

So, to announce the winner:  The winner of the free audio of THE EDGE OF NOWHERE, together with a complementary e-book edition to the person of her choice  is…


Roseanna, I will have Beth e-mail your audiobook to the address you provided for the contest entry.  If you would please contact me at and tell me whether you prefer to receive the ebook yourself or gift it to another, I’ll get that out right away.


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