Replacing Empathy With Superiority

The tragedy that occurred with Harambe in Ohio was a terrible accident. I repeat, an ACCIDENT. I can’t count how many times I’ve looked back on what could’ve been a serious incident and thanked my lucky stars that my children were safe…and I’m hyper vigilant about my children and their safety! I’m the mom that might be caught wrapping them in bubblewrap! (Only kidding a little bit).

For all those people posting hateful comments and casting criticism, you might consider taking a moment to breathe and think through this eloquent post from this talented blogger. I only wish I’d written it, as her words echo exactly what I would’ve said. Just give it some thought…

The Other Courtney

A trending news story right now is a tragic one, as most seem to be these days. In Cincinnati, a 4-year old boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo, and after being dragged around by the 400-pound gorilla for 10 minutes, the zoo made the decision to shoot and kill him. The gorilla, not the child.  Much to the general public’s dismay, apparently.

It is a horrible situation, but even more upsetting to me is the public outlash that has taken place since the incident happened. People across the world (and my Facebook newsfeed) are commenting, posting, tweeting, and using any social media platform available to post their disgust. Many are saying things like, “they should have let the boy die, it would teach a lesson to that mother who let him go into the enclosure. It wasn’t the gorilla’s fault.” Some are choosing less blatant remarks and are instead posting memes or sharing…

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