Book Review: A Necessary Act

434306_c91cb3cf82c9494199c75dc0bb99ccd6I’m really excited!  Today is finally here!  My friend, Tony Wirt, has finally released his first novel — A Necessary Act. I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy of this novel, and I’m being totally honest when I say that it’s exactly what I hoped it would be!  It quite literally grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go — even after I turned the last page.  It was that good!

From the first time I heard about this novel, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. You see, I know Tony — not just through the internet as I know many authors, but in real life.  Together we’ve talked about our own books, and the highs and lows of publishing.  When Tony talked about the premise for A Necessary Act, his eyes just sparkled with excitement.  It was impossible not to be pulled in and become equally excited.  So when I was offered the opportunity to read an advance copy, I enthusiastically accepted.  The result was not only a very compelling read, but the realization that Tony Wirt is an incredibly gifted writer who is certain to see great success with this release.

A Necessary Act asks an interesting question:  What do you do if you know someone who is destined to become a serial killer.  What if the authorities won’t listen to you?  Should you take action to prevent the senseless killing of innocents?  And, if you do, what does that make you?  Is killing another person ever justified?

I don’t want to give away any of the book by giving you any further information.  Just suffice it to say that A Necessary Act will keep you guessing.  The twists and turns kept me turning the pages, and I simply couldn’t put it down.  I quite enthusiastically give it a full five-stars, and I would recommend it to my friends!

A Necessary Act is available through Create Space and Amazon. For a quick overview, check out the chilling video trailer below!




4 responses to “Book Review: A Necessary Act”

  1. Now that sounds like a very interesting, and yet terrifying, premise. *adding to the TBR list*

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    1. Ooohhhhh! Let me know what you think!


  2. Sounds like an intense read.

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