The Edge of Nowhere in…Korea?

As the daughter of a retired Army veteran who did two tours of Korea and one of Vietnam, and the older sister of an active duty Lieutenant Colonal, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more patriotic than I am. Maybe it’s the reason I love the image below so much. 

This is Zach C, an American soldier stationed in Korea. I’ve known Zach for many years, as he was a high school friend of my daughter’s. Somehow, though, seeing this young man dressed in his Military issue uniform and holding my book brought tears to my eyes!

Sure, it’s cool to see my book has travelled to another country, but even more impressive than that is to see a young man I’ve known since he was a kid, all grown up and defending our country. It makes my heart ache with pride. 

So today I ask this:  if you know an American Soldier — here or abroad — please take a quick minute to thank him/her for his service. It’s not “weird,” – he/she will deeply appreciate your support.  

For my part, thank you, Zach…

…and Tony, Aasha, Nick, Chad, Airey, Elizabeth…and the countless other active duty men and women whose names escape me at the moment. Your service makes me proud to be an American, and my heart fills to near-bursting every time I think of your service to our country. 

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