Move over Steinbeck!

There are some things in this world that really make me happy.  As a mom, one of those things is when my children find creativity in writing.  Today is one of those days.

Last night, my 11-year old son brought home a graded writing assignment he’d been given in class.  He was to pretend that he was one of the early colonists, and was tasked with keeping a journal of life in the 1600s.  I read through his journal entries and was impressed with his creativity as he talked about the hardships of life as an early colonist.

As you can see, his journal entries were well-written and informative, and his teacher leaves some very encouraging comments on his choice of words.


Continuing on, I’m quite absorbed in the trials and tribulations of a 16th Century Braden…And then I read the following passage which sends me into a complete fit of giggles.

As you can see, even his teacher got into the spirit of the moment and added her own words of comfort for his loss.

All I can say is this:  this kid has some mad imagination skills and is a budding author in his own right!  I fully predict to see the name “B.T. Armstrong” on the cover of his own book some day.  So for now,  mark my words when I say, “Move over Steinbeck! B.T. Armstrong is in the house!”

About the Author

11692494_10207403859758513_1374359496793585646_nB.T. Armstrong is a Master Minecraft Builder with a life-long love of the digital game. He’s a ninja soccer player, jokester, and all-around class clown who spends hours at night (when he should be sleeping) coming up with a master plan to keep the adults in his life on their toes.  He  lives at home with his mother and father, but has plans to move out before his 19th birthday to avoid the stigma of living in his mother’s basement and sending “care packages” to politicians and those who’ve allegedly wronged him but cutting in line at the local supermarket.  His work is often featured on his mother’s refrigerator where his art and writings are displayed proudly. For more information about B.T. Armstrong, visit this website frequently for updates.



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