Blog Tour for “Tales by Rails” by Jewel E. Leonard

Happy Friday!  It’s been a crazy week of posts (or lack of posts, as the case may be), as I’ve just returned from Florida and a visit to  my parents.  But I’m back!  And, while not fully back into the swing of things, I’m excited for today’s post.  Today I’m happy to say that I’ve joined the Blog Tour for the release of Jewel E. Leonard’s new novel, Trails by Rails which releases next Monday!  So sit back and enjoy a behind the scenes look at the life and thoughts of Jewel E. Leonard!


Q&A with Jewel E. Leonard

What drives you to write?

I’m driven by a great many things—the desire to entertain and inspire others, the need to be heard in the great symphony of life. But above all else, if you strip those things away…I am driven to write because when I have a story that’s desperate to be put into text, I’m physically ill until I can get it out. There are lots of aspects of the process that make me miserable and I’ve tried to quit in the past; but for me, to not write is far more miserable.

Ever have writer’s block and, if so, how do you handle it?

I’ve never really considered my difficulties with writing traditional writer’s block. I do write myself into a corner (often) and I have dry spells that last months at a stretch (the result of battling depression and having a family). I don’t handle it well much of the time (that is, I just let it fester) but sometimes I’ll try to get out of it by focusing my attention on my other hobbies (knitting, crocheting) and listening to/watching things which inspire me. I’m greatly inspired by music and shows like Jessica Jones.

Do you have a writing schedule?

Whenever I possibly can. There’s no sense in even trying to establish a schedule around a 19-month-old and a 7-year-old, neither of who have schedules, themselves. To be a parent who is a writer is to know flexibility. 🙂

Plotter or Pantser?

I’m a pantser who will always attempt to plot (and fail). Editing my work is a gruelling task, which I typically enjoy. I also edit as I go.

Tell us a little about the book you’re releasing and how you come up with the idea.

Tales by Rails is the beginning of Rhea’s life coming out of a miserable marriage. She has a career and a few friends but has never taken the opportunity to find herself until now; what she set out for was a sight-seeing trip but what she gets is so much more exciting.

The idea came from my own desires to run away from my own responsibilities and problems. Of course, I cannot…but my imagination can!

Can you tell us a little about the process for having this book published? (i.e. how long did it take to write, how long did you search for a publisher, etc).

I wrote the novella in a matter of weeks. Editing took longer (for no real reason I could pinpoint) and was interrupted by NaNoWriMo. I knew from the start that I would self-publish it, but I didn’t realize how complicated that would be until a dear friend stepped up to help me with virtually every aspect of it.

Do you have a favorite passage? If so, can you share it with us?

This is one of my favorite passages (though I have many from this novella). I write contemporary so rarely that I forget how fun it is to include pop culture references…

Surfer Boy led Rhea out of the observation car. They walked two coach cars toward the engine, and down one of those cramped staircases. His was the small cabin adjacent to the stairwell.

“Tight squeeze,” Rhea remarked as she peered into the cabin from the little corridor. They would both have to be sitting across from each other if they wanted the door closed. Neither closed it. As she stepped into the room, Rhea said, “Please don’t murder me.” To lessen the impact of what sounded harsher than she’d intended, she added, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

“Did—did you just quote Star Wars IV?”

Rhea’s cheeks went hot. “No.”

“Yes.” He flailed at her, his face alight. “Yes, you did!”

She was still blushing, but from his excitement, Rhea could at least smile. “Come on, who doesn’t know at least one line from at least one Star Wars movie?”

“I get the feeling you know more than that.”

“Shut up and let me massage you.”

List three words that describe you as a writer.

  • Insecure
  • Romantic
  • Hopeful

List three words that describe you as a reader.

  • Impatient
  • Critical
  • Romantic

If you could be anyone else for one day, who would you be and why?

I can’t decide between being the wife of Colin O’Donoghue or David Tennant. Either would be good. (You weren’t expecting me to say another writer’s name, were you?) 😀

BONUS: Give me one question that you always wish you’d be asked in an interview, then answer it.

What is one of your wildest daydreams?

I have always had daydreams of being invited to be a panelist at San Diego Comic-Con International (which for me would be a homecoming). And my panel would be held in Hall H.


Tales by Rales

Fresh from a failed marriage, Rhea hops on a train going from Los Angeles to Chicago. It’s the perfect escape from her troubles with the added bonus of meeting a sexy stranger. What begins as innocent flirtation swiftly escalates to sexual encounters beyond her wildest dreams.

** This erotic romance novella is for adults only!







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