Recently I spotlighted my hometown of El Reno, OK — the setting for my novel, The Edge of Nowhere — after a couple of very nasty ice storms nearly shut the town down.  Residents were without power twice in one month, and each time for several days.  The damage was so drastic that FEMA was called in to help residents with the damage.  You can view that post with the drastic images by using this link.

Yesterday I found this video on YouTube, produced by El Reno’s local newspaper, The El Reno Tribune.  I thought I’d share it with you to give you a little bit of a feel for the town that will forever hold my heart as home.

Featured in his video is El Reno Mayor, Matt White.  Matt and I went to school together, though he was a year or two behind me.  I’m so proud of the responsible and respected man Matt has grown into, and I think he’s doing a really great job for the citizens of El Reno.

Check out the cleanup efforts in El Reno, OK.