I’m So Excited – It’s Been a Great Day!


Have you ever had one of those days where things are going so great that you can’t help but to literally scream a great big happy scream of excitement?  Today’s that day for me.

Today my hometown newspaper, the El Reno Tribune, ran an article on my novel, The Edge of Nowhere.  The article wasn’t unexpected.  I’d known they were doing an article, as I’d spoken to the reporter by phone for an interview, then traded e-mails with the publisher.  What was completely unexpected is the article itself.  Why, you ask?




Sorry about that.  I just got a little excited.  Here, let me try this a little differently…

Okay…so, as you can see, I get a little excited from time to time.  My oldest child is glad to’ve gone off to college so that she doesn’t have to be embarrassed by my zealous exuberance (is it okay to put those word together?).

At any rate, huge thanks to the El Reno Tribune in El Reno, Oklahoma, for their support and kindness. Also to the people of El Reno.  The truth is that most of any success this novel sees will be due in VERY large part to my hometown and the people who’ve so graciously and endlessly supported me with this project.

The Edge of Nowhere is available for ebook preorders through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes for iBooks.  Paperback preorders will be coming soon.  If you choose to preorder, please watch this website closely as I have a special giveaway for all who have or will place preorders by the end of January 19th.  Just something a little special to say “thank you”!  So, if you preorder (and I hope you will), hang onto your receipt — make a screen shot of it, snap a shot with your smart phone or whatever….but be ready!  I’ll kick off a new and special giveaway  on January 1 open only to those who have already (or will) before the end of day on January 19!






Also, there’s still time to enter my giveaway for a FREE $10 iTunes Gift Card. No purchase is expected or required.  Simply click on the image before to go to the giveaway page. Follow the link provided inside.  It’ll take you to a post from my page that gives information about my novel. Simply use the PINTEREST share button at the bottom of that page to share it to your Pinterest page, and that’s it!  Super easy, and no cost to you!  So click on the image below and let’s see who wins that $10 Gift Card!



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