Book Review: “The Hunted”

hunted_cover_front_300dpi_1024.pngFantasy fiction fans are in for a treat with Chrissy Lessey’s recently released, The Hunted, which is the second in the Crystal Coast Series of books released last month by Pandamoon Publishing.

Beginning with the historic Salem Witch Hunts of the 1600s, Lessey brings the reader to current day with a likable – and surprisingly “normal” – coven of witches who’ve lived peacefully in a small North Carolina town since fleeing Salem more than 300 years earlier.  But history has a way of repeating itself and the coven finds itself threatened when a dark witch steals the potent powers of the coven’s queen.  The question is whether the coven can stop the evil witch before she destroys the peaceful lives they’ve earned.

Featuring an easily lovable five year old autistic boy who has just come into his powers, Lessey’s story is both heartwarming and surprisingly believable, and I’m looking forward to knowing more about this child and the extent of his magical powers in Lessey’s future releases.

I didn’t realize when I picked up this novel that it was the second in a series, but I had no problem following along as the author did a nice job of introducing each character.  And, while I’m admittedly not a strong fan of the fantasy genre, I found The Hunted to be a cozy read with likable characters and an interesting story line that is sure to interest fans of the fantasy genre.

For more information on this novel and other works by this author, visit Chrissy Lessey’s website by using THIS LINK.

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