Grassroots Effort to “Save Santa” Wins!

An update to a story I brought you over the last couple of months! Santa has returned (see video below!). I am so blessed to have had just a tiny part in his return.

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In August, I brought you the story below about Rochester’s own beloved Santa and how he’d lost his position as “The Mall Santa” at our local Apache Mall.  At that time, local residents were banding together to find a way to bring him back.  You see, for the last dozen years, this man has become the embodiment of the fictional hero we call Santa Claus.  If there’s really a Santa Claus, this man is the real deal.

I’m happy to say that this grassroots effort to “Save Santa” has been a complete success.  Through the combined efforts of local citizens, the Save Santa Facebook Page, local merchants and the City of Rochester, more than $2,000 has been donated to the Save Santa GoFundMe Page (which is still accepting donations to help pay and defray costs to bring Santa here).  Santa’s return to Rochester has been secured and the local Miracle Mile…

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One response to “Grassroots Effort to “Save Santa” Wins!”

  1. Yes you did it with the help of others. I saw Braden in the clip at an earlier age ha ha

    Marion W. Hedrick



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