A HUGE THANK YOU to the many past and present EL RENO, OKLAHOMA residents who entered my raffle for a FREE Advance e-Copy of my novel, The Edge of Nowhere.  I am so thrilled to say that we had so many entrees that I’ve decided to select TWO WINNERS!  That’s right, TWO WINNERS!  

Just a reminder that this contest was open only to current and past residents of El Reno, Oklahoma.  The reason for this is that El Reno plays a prominent roll in this novel, and I felt the need to give something back to its residents. To “prove themselves,” entrants were required to answer a question related to the history of El Reno, which most from the area should readily know.

Before I announce the winners, let me answer the question required for entry:

The former Lakers Basketball Player who served as Athletic Director and Dean of Boys at El Reno High School was Mr. Hub Reed.  Most of you will remember him as the gentle giant of a man who ducked his head to enter classrooms, and was often found sweeping the basketball court with a dry mop at basketball games.  He has always been humble and kind, and his name is (in my mind) synonymous with El Reno.

And now, without further ado, the two winners selected randomly by the Rafflecopter program used to enter the giveaway, our winners are:




Tim and Kerry should receive an e-mail from me by end of day explaining how to claim their prizes.  If you do not hear from me by NOON TODAY,  please send me an e-mail!

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Just a quick reminder that this novel is now available for pre-order in e-book format through Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.  IT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK and additional e-book formats through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  To learn more about this novel and the characters who inspired the story, USE THIS LINK.

As always, if you haven’t seen the Official Video Trailer, take a peek now…and be sure to share with you friends!

2 responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…”

  1. I enjoyed your contest! The answer blew me away – I REMEMBER Hub at school! So kind and quiet. I wish I had memories you do.

    I feel pleased to have had my grandmother take me to her family’s ” Indian land allotment”. It wasn’t a nice place to live. My Great Grandmother ( who lived until I was 30) , married an Englishman who grew food and taught his new family to do the same. Cheyenne knew nothing about growing food!

    The oddest thing my Grandmother showed me were the hills in their allotment areas.

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    1. Those are such wonderful memories for you to pass down. Maybe not the memories themselves, but the history attached. I wish I knew more abt that part of El Reno’s history!


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