Early Reviews for The Edge of Nowhere

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve sent out Advanced Reader’s Copies of my novel to a couple dozen bloggers and reviewers. Since then, I’ve been sitting on pins and needles, wondering how this book would be received.  Would people like it?  Hate it? What would the reaction be?

I’m so excited to say that — so far — the reaction has been amazing and I’m so thankful for the positive feedback!  Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite comments!

From Terri in Oregon:

One of my faves this year. I felt it, smelled it, heard it, and cried my eyes out a few times. I also wanted to load my shot gun and help a girl out a few times too.


From Alicia in Oklahoma:

The Edge of Nowhere’ is filled with so many twists and turns and at times, such suspense that it made my heart race and my palms clammy. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite books. No joke! I could hear the character’s voices in their Okie dialects; and being from Oklahoma, that was pretty awesome to hear! I could see the surroundings as Cathie painted that bleak picture of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.


From  Pattie in Minnesota:

I really enjoyed it! A few parts were a bit predictable, but the story was fast-paced and kept me wanting to read more.


From Kelly in Texas:

This isn’t a feel-good story, nor is it billed that way, but it’s a really good story-a story that I’m glad I had a chance to read. It’s set during a period in our history that was devastating yet the author didn’t steep us in absolute misery where we wouldn’t want to continue reading. 


From Jim (on Twitter) in Indiana:

Just finished Edge of Nowhere, . Wow. Still reeling! Victoria strikes me as the Scarlet O’Hara of the Dust Bowl.


I’m so thankful for these early reviews and anxiously anticipate more as early readers crawl between the pages of this book! I’m truly hopeful that all of my readers will have a similar experience.

The Edge of Nowhere is currently available for pre-orders in e-book format through Barnes & Noble and iBooks. It will be available in paperback and other ebook formats through Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble in the coming weeks!  To read more about this novel, you can follow THIS LINK to read the synopsis, or view the video trailer below.

Let me know what you think!  Will you be adding this novel to your Goodreads list?


Note:  If you are a book blogger and would be interested in participating in this book’s Blog Tour this January, follow THIS LINK for more information.

This title is now available for preorder in ebook format (paperback links coming soon). It’s only $2.99 for e-book, so act now in case the price goes up with the January 19 release! Use one of the links below.






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