Book Review: Ditch Flowers

Ditch-flowers-book-coverOne of the best parts of publishing my first book is getting to know other authors.  I thought this would be a very lonely process, but the truth is that it’s the least lonely journey I’ve ever taken; and that’s in large part due to some of the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.  One of those people is Amanda Linsmeier who is launching her first book, Ditch Flowers, next week.

Even before I got to know Amanda over Twitter and Facebook, I wanted to read her book from the first moment I read the synopsis.  But then, as I finally got my hands on a copy, I began to get scared.  What if I didn’t care for her book?  How in the world would I tell her that it just wasn’t for me?  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case because — from the first first few sentences — I was drawn into the story.  I had to know more about he characters!

Ditch Flowers tells the story of a young couple struggling with infertility.  After Julia’s third miscarriage, the couple relocates to her husband’s hometown in Wisconsin.  There she takes a job in a daycare center and comes face-to-face with a child who is the image of her husband.

Could it be?  Could this child be her husband’s?  There could be no denying that the child was an exact miniature replica of her husband — and the timing was right for the child’s birth — but could her husband really cheat on her?  And after grieving for three lost babies?

I won’t tell you what happens.  You’ll have to read to find out whether the little boy was the product of her husband’s infidelity.  I can only tell you that the story grabbed ahold of me and kept me turning the pages, all the time wondering “What would I do in that situation?”

Friendship aside, Amanda Linsmeier is a talented writer, and this is a title I would strongly recommend to my friends.

10 responses to “Book Review: Ditch Flowers”

  1. Perfect line, Cathie. What would I do in that situation? I kept asking myself that throughout and found that my answer often differed with Julia’s and yet, the story still resonated with me so completely. And lol on being afraid to read it. I feel the same way every time one of my new friends shared their words with me. Thankfully you lot are a group of very talented writers!

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    1. Hahaha! I don’t know that I’d have handled the situation as graciously as Julia did. And I’m glad I’m not alone on being afraid to read the works of my friends. I’m so afraid that I won’t like the story – the STORY, not the writing.

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      1. Unlike you, when I read the synopsis, I wasn’t interested at all. Just not the usual story I pick up. Then I gave it 5 stars, first rating like that in a long time. Just goes to show you-judging, book cover, and all that lol.

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      2. I loved the cover..and I loved the synopsis. It’s totally my kind of book! Was so glad to find that I really enjoyed the book, too.

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      3. The cover is gorgeous.

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      4. I know, right?! I will always read a book with a beautiful cover!

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  2. Thanks for the lovely review! I can’t wait to read your novel soon!


  3. Hey get back to work ladies 😛 Love the book and this review!

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  4. […] I read and reviewed Ditch Flowers several months ago. To read my review, you can follow this link. […]


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