Heads up Friends! Today my friend and fellow Penner Publishing author, Jamie McLachlan begins the GOODREADS GIVEAWAY for her novel, Mind of the Phoenix!  I admit I’ve not read it yet, but it’s next on my list!  I’m told it’s fabulous, though!

Taken from the Penner Publishing website, here’s a synopsis:


Jamie McLachlan

Moira is a powerful empath, a psychic graced with the ability to read emotions and memories. Her skill is as much a curse as a gift, for in the harshly stratified city of Braxton empaths are slaves. Clever and beautiful, Moira has learned to rely on no one but herself. Determined to escape life as a concubine, she kills her master, and is imprisoned for the crime.

This could be the end for Moira, but the government has need of her skills. A mysterious serial killer known as the Phoenix has been planting suggestions in his victims’ minds that drive them to murder and suicide. To gain her freedom, Moira partners with Keenan Edwards, a handsome young detective, to stop the killer.

Hunting the Phoenix will bring Moira on a more dangerous road than she imagined, forcing her to confront dark minds, twisted moralities, and her growing feelings for the detective.

To enter the giveaway, simply click on the link below and it should take you directly to the signup.  Have Fun, Good Luck and Enjoy!

Goodreads Book Giveaway


Mind of the Phoenix

by Jamie McLachlan

Giveaway opens Sept. 22
and ends Sept 30, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway


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