Congratulations to fellow Penner Publishing author, May Williams, on the wonderful receiving of her most recent novels! She’s made the U.S.A. Today Happily Ever After Blog!

Happy Ever After

Animal Prints by May Williams

May Williams, author of Animal Prints, has the purrfect (sorry, I can’t help it; kitty’s my lingo) writing companion in Hillary.

May: I’d like to introduce Hillary, my writing companion, to the literary world. She slinks past me as I pound away at the keyboard to take up her cushioned post. Sometimes, she’s so stealthy that I don’t realize she’s there until she starts to snore. I shall have to apologize to her for revealing her weakness to the world.

She prefers to be deemed perfect in everything and expects the world to conform to her. She is a cat, after all, but she’s also a good listener. If I run an idea by her and get a lazy yawn or flick of a tail, that means “boring” or “annoying,” respectively. When I get a heads up, eyes popped open reaction, my idea is a winner and I turn…

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