Book Review: My Very Best Friend

Photo-of-Cathy-Lamb-092I’ve said many times that Cathy Lamb is my favorite author, and there’s a reason.  It’s because she seems to get people.  She gets women and their relationships with each other and with the men in their lives.  Her novels always include strong women and quirky friendships; and even stronger men who aren’t afraid to let the women in their lives exert their independence and be strong, understanding that strong doesn’t diminish femininity. Simply stated, Cathy Lamb is a master of the Women’s Fiction genre.

Cathy’s newest novel, My Very Best Friend is no exception.  It’s a beautiful story of first friendships and first loves.  Sometimes, as well as you think you know someone, you don’t know their story at all.

My-Very-Best-Friend-e1434131314735-2My Very Best Friend tells the story of four childhood best friends, separated for twenty years when one of them (Charlotte) is moved across the ocean from Scotland to America.  Though the distance separates them, they’re never out of each other’s thoughts.  When Charlotte returns to Scotland to take care of family property, she is reunited with old friends and discovers heartbreaking secrets that she never knew existed.  The kind of secrets that change a child’s life and define the adult she becomes.  The same kind of secrets that brings overwhelming guilt to those ignorant of that secret who, had they known, may’ve been able to provide the very support that friends always provide.

Like all of Cathy’s novels, My Very Best Friend is a melting pot of humor and sorrow.  In one moment the reader is laughing out loud and, in the next moment, the reader finds her heart broken.  It’s a careful balance that leaves the reader feeling completely satisfied, and it’s Cathy’s biggest strength in her writing.

If I tell you any more about the story, it’ll ruin it for you.  So instead I’ll leave you with the basics:

  • A romance novelist specializing in a time-traveling heroine series
  • Quirky women with no censor
  • A rugged Scotsman
  • A lost childhood friend
  • Love found through both friendship and romance, and the keen understanding that sometimes the difference between the two is blurred.

My Very Best Friend was released on Tuesday and is available at all major bookstores and online retailers.  Use one of the links below to buy it now, and watch for my interview with Cathy Lamb coming next week!



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