envelopeI didn’t think it was possible to be more excited, but I am!  Early this morning I received news that a rough draft of my cover for The Edge of Nowhere should be available by Friday! I feel like this process is just moving along so swiftly — far faster than I’d ever hoped!  January will be here soon and I’ll finally hold my own book in my own hands!

A few months ago I created a monthly newsletter for the purpose of providing the most current information about this book to those who are interested.  Subscribers to this newsletter not only receive the information first — including the first glimpse of the cover art — but are the first to know about upcoming contests and book tours.  I encourage you to take moment to sign up for this newsletter.  And be sure to share with your friends.

In the meantime, have I mentioned that I’m SO EXCITED?!?!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!


To sign up for this newsletter


To read the synopsis for The Edge of Nowhere

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