10 thoughts on “BE “IN THE KNOW”

  1. The Average Girl

    Can you check my blog out?? I’m fairly new and it would be nice to see if a bigger blogger than me might like it💕

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  2. Good luck. Need any help with promotion let me know.

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    1. Hahahaha!!!! I could use TONS of help with promo! SHARE…SHARE…and then SHARE some more! LOL!

      Thank you for the offer!


      1. I shared it on my Twitter and Facebook. I know the struggles. Always glad to help.

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      2. Thank you so much!!! Please let me know if I can return the favor!


      3. I will. Most of my stories are horror based. Might not fit well with your site. Though A Zombie Christmas seems to fit everywhere. Guess people like the idea behind it. Who is doing your EBook file or Paperback?

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      4. Penner Publishing. They’re a small (and fairly new) publishing house but I seriously LOVE them so far.

        Hmmm…Christmas and Horror? May need to check that out! LOL! Links are on your site?


      5. They are. I’m trying to sell it directly from my Site and it is on Smashwords and Amazon. If you want it free – shoot me an email at atothewr@gmail.com. I’ll send you a copy.

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      6. Thanks! I’ll go check it out. The premise intrigued me, I’ll admit. :). Gotta finish an article I’m working in and then I’ll go look.

        Are you having good luck with smashwords and Amazon? I have some other projects that I may go that route with but haven’t decided.

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      7. I’m not having much luck. I’m just now trying to move some stuff to Smashwords. The freebies do good on Amazon, but sales are slow. I think the market is so saturated right now. I am trying to use PayPal in order to sell from my site. I will see how that goes.


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