2015 Lawton Chautauqua (June 16-20)

If you’ve followed my website at all recently, then you know that my upcoming novel, The Edge of Nowhere, follows the story of a widowed mother of ten children struggling to survive through the 1930s Oklahoma Dust Bowl.  But what was the Dust Bowl, really?  The Lawton Public Library in Lawton, Oklahoma is hosting a 5-day event this week titled 2015 Lawton Chautauqua.  Focusing on the theme of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, a series of workshops and performances will be presented to enhance understanding of this tragic event in American History.

Get a better understanding of the hardships endured by Oklahomans during the ten-year drought and soil erosion that sent so many West for better lives.  Learn how those who stayed behind endured!  If you live in Oklahoma or near Lawton, don’t miss this event!

Chautauqua poster

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