3rd Grade Boy Reports Kidnapping

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a funny kid story. Usually I share a story about my own kids, but today I have a  story that I’ve “borrowed” from a friend who works in the office of a nearby elementary school.

Kathie S. is a secretary in the office of a local school.  In all the years I’ve known her (15+), she’s always worked in elementary schools and the kids love her.  She’s pretty, approachable, funny, and she always has a welcoming smile on her face.  Kids like her immediately, so they go to her first when they have a problem and need to tell an adult.

One afternoon Kathie was working at her desk when a third grade boy approached her.  The child was agitated and excited; he believed he’d just seen a potential kidnapping and he was anxious to report it to the authorities.

Kathie explains:

He was very excited and said that a car load of teenagers had gone by and that a girl was “yelling out the window HELP!”  I asked him for some information about the car…

Kathie proceeded to take very copious notes.  The child was serious and she would not undermine his concern by not taking him seriously.  As he described what he’d seen, Kathie wrote “Red” as the vehicle description, then “Teenager” to remind herself that it was a carload of teens that the boy had seen.

Kathie asked the child if he could provide any further information, to which he emphatically replied, “YES!  I have more information!”  At this point, Kathie handed the paper with her notes to the child, hoping he’d jot down a license plate number or any other significant detail he remembered.

Concentrating hard, the boy attempted to remember every detail of the vehicle he’s seen.  He didn’t want to forget a single detail.  This is important — He’s going to save someone’s life!  Below Kathie’s notes, he very carefully drew a detailed image of the car to help authorities apprehend the suspects.


Always with a sense of humor, Kathie said later:

Apparently Fred Flintstone was trolling (near the school) that day kidnapping teenager’s. LOL!!!!

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