What’s that you said?

listeningI think I’m getting to an age where I need to consider stronger glasses and <gasp> hearing aids!  Never was the latter more pronounced than earlier this week as I was driving my 10-year old home from swim practice.  During his endless monologue from the back seat – and my tuning in and out with an occasional “uh huh” or “wow” – I was startled out of my near coma (from listening to his constant narrative from the back seat) when the following conversation took place.

“Hey Mom, Guess what?  I’m a penis,” Braden proclaimed proudly.

“Huh?” I asked.  Surely I didn’t hear him correctly.

“I’m a penis,” he repeated.

“Braden!  What in the world!  That’s not a nice thing to say,” I scolded.  “You can’t go around calling yourself a penis!  What in the world would make you think that’s okay?”

“Geesh, Mom!  What the heck?!” Braden responded with no small amount of irritation. “Pianst!  Pi-ah-nist!  PI-AH-NIST!  I play PIANO!  Seriously?!”

Well…that’s a relief!  I guess I’m off to get my ears checked!

Published by C.H. Armstrong

C.H. (Cathie) Armstrong is 1992 graduate of the University of Oklahoma and is the author of THE EDGE OF NOWHERE (Penner, 2016), ROAM (Central Avenue, Feb. 5, 2019) and co-author of DÉJÀ YOU: STORIES OF SECOND CHANCES. She is represented by Tina P. Schwartz at The Purcell Agency, LLC.

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