It’s What the…What? Wednesday!  I love this day because I have more fun looking for the bizarre news stories to bring to you!

Apparently it doesn’t take a brain surgeon…

This first story I have for you actually makes me a bit uneasy.   A Denver, Colorado brain surgeon, Dr. Steve Carr, was vacationing in Florida with his girlfriend when he came up with what he felt was an awesome idea for a marriage proposal:  He bought a ring and then decided to bury it on a sandy beach for his future fiancé to find.  The only problem is that he forgot where he buried the ring!

After two hours of searching, Dr. Carr had to call in the experts and summoned Larry Spearing, a member of a nationwide Ring Finder network.  In the end, the ring was recovered and his fiancé said yes.

So here are my questions:

  1. What in the world was Dr. Carr thinking???  He buried an expensive ring on a sandy beach?  Didn’t it occur to him that he might lose it?  And he’s a brain surgeon?  One would think that the ability to use one’s brain to think through the consequences of your actions might be a prerequisite to become a brian surgeon.
  2. There’s a nationwide Ring Finder network?  So…ummm…this isn’t the first time some “brain surgeon” buried a ring on a sandy beach for his fiancé to find?

(Note:  The above story was taken from

This is how it’s done, Dr. Carr…

Since we’re talking about marriage proposals anyway today, I have a much more successful proposal to bring you.  I’m thinking Dr. Carr should’ve contacted  Isaac Lamb of Portland for a few tips.

In one of the most elaborate, fun and downright coolest marriage proposals I’ve ever seen, Lamb engaged his friends and family to pull off a beautifully choreographed (to music) proposal that is sure to leave both he and his future wife with the fondest of memories and great stories to tell their children.

The story goes that Lamb invited his fiancé to his home where she was met by his brother.  She was asked to sit on the tail bed of a car where the brother put headphones over her ears and asked her to listen to a song.  As she listened, the friends and neighbors literally came out of the woodwork and followed the slowly moving vehicle with Lamb’s future fiancé sitting on the trunk bed down the street.  This is one that you must see to believe.

Click here to watch Lamb’s proposal on YouTube video