It’s Quips and Quotes Friday!   Normally I try to bring you several quips and quotes to get you through the weekend, but the one I have for you today simply has to stand alone.  Once you’ve read it, you’ll realize that nothing can or should follow it!

Let’s Not Talk About S-E-X

Earlier this week my schedule overwhelmed me and I didn’t get my blog out on Tuesday.  As a result, I received a panicked phone call from my parents wanting to know where I was.  They hadn’t heard from me in several days, and then I didn’t get my blog out, so they assumed that I was sick or injured.  As I finally assured them that all was well with me, my mother decided to inform me that she wasn’t too keen on a couple of my last blogs.

“I wasn’t so crazy about your last couple of articles,” my 81-year old mother said to me.

“Oh?  Which ones?” I asked as I wracked my brain for what I wrote that she wouldn’t like.

“Oh…you know the ones.  The one about the cell phone, for starters.”

The cell phone?  The only cell phone blog I could remember was the one where I had broken my cell phone, and that was several weeks ago.  Why would she bring that one up now?

“Mom,” I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.  The cell phone story was several weeks ago.  Why would you tell me that today?”

“No…this one was a couple of days ago.  You know the one…it was all about S-E-X.”
(Link to:  Cathie’s blog about (Cell) Phone Sex)

“OH!  That one!  You didn’t like it?  I’m sorry.  What did you not like about it?”

“It was all about S-E-X,” she said.  “And then you followed it a day or so later by that book that was all about S-E-X.  Grey-something-or-other.”

Fifty Shades of Grey?” I asked.
(Link to:  Cathie’s blog about Fifty Shades of Grey)

“Yeah.  That one.  What’s all the talk about S-E-X?”

“Mom,” I said.  “I’m 41 years old.  You don’t have to spell the word sex.  You can simply say it.  You don’t have to say ‘S-E-X.'”  It’s okay to say it out loud.”

“Well, I know…but your dad’s in the room and I just don’t know what kind of ideas he might get into that head of his if I say it out loud!”

I was speechless.  I’m still speechless.  And that was way too much information!