Quips and Quotes Friday – May 25, 2012

It’s Quips and Quotes Friday!   Normally I try to bring you several quips and quotes to get you through the weekend, but the one I have for you today simply has to stand alone.  Once you’ve read it, you’ll realize that nothing can or should follow it!

Let’s Not Talk About S-E-X

Earlier this week my schedule overwhelmed me and I didn’t get my blog out on Tuesday.  As a result, I received a panicked phone call from my parents wanting to know where I was.  They hadn’t heard from me in several days, and then I didn’t get my blog out, so they assumed that I was sick or injured.  As I finally assured them that all was well with me, my mother decided to inform me that she wasn’t too keen on a couple of my last blogs.

“I wasn’t so crazy about your last couple of articles,” my 81-year old mother said to me.

“Oh?  Which ones?” I asked as I wracked my brain for what I wrote that she wouldn’t like.

“Oh…you know the ones.  The one about the cell phone, for starters.”

The cell phone?  The only cell phone blog I could remember was the one where I had broken my cell phone, and that was several weeks ago.  Why would she bring that one up now?

“Mom,” I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.  The cell phone story was several weeks ago.  Why would you tell me that today?”

“No…this one was a couple of days ago.  You know the one…it was all about S-E-X.”
(Link to:  Cathie’s blog about (Cell) Phone Sex)

“OH!  That one!  You didn’t like it?  I’m sorry.  What did you not like about it?”

“It was all about S-E-X,” she said.  “And then you followed it a day or so later by that book that was all about S-E-X.  Grey-something-or-other.”

Fifty Shades of Grey?” I asked.
(Link to:  Cathie’s blog about Fifty Shades of Grey)

“Yeah.  That one.  What’s all the talk about S-E-X?”

“Mom,” I said.  “I’m 41 years old.  You don’t have to spell the word sex.  You can simply say it.  You don’t have to say ‘S-E-X.’”  It’s okay to say it out loud.”

“Well, I know…but your dad’s in the room and I just don’t know what kind of ideas he might get into that head of his if I say it out loud!”

I was speechless.  I’m still speechless.  And that was way too much information!

4 responses to “Quips and Quotes Friday – May 25, 2012”

  1. LOL 🙂


  2. AgrippingLife Avatar

    Dear Cathie’s Mom,
    I love your daughter’s blogg. I’d have to agree, she’s been on a real sex kick lately. Something tells me that there are enough stories of Braden and his future farts, etc. to negate any of the other questionable material. No worries, you raised your daughter well. She’s super funny! : )


    1. Hahahaha! You are awesome! Thanks! I”m going to have to pass this comment along to her and make sure she sees it! And trust me…I have enough Braden farting stories to bring you one every single day and twice on Sunday!


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