She’s Alive!

Dear Readers:

It’s What the…What? Wednesday!  Contrary to the rumors going around, you’ll be pleased to know that I am most definitely alive.  I did not succumb to some mysterious illness, nor did I have a fatal car accident and the search teams aren’t still looking.  I’m alive and well, but yesterday was an extremely busy day for me and my blog didn’t get posted.  My apologies.

To my family and friends who insist they don’t read this blog, but who have been beating the door down to be sure I’m okay, the answer is:  YES!  I’m fine!  Quit calling me!  Troy will notify you if I’ve not been seen or heard from for an extended period.  Well, that is,  unless he’s somehow responsible…in which case, all bets are off!

Phew!  Now, with that said, I can get on with today’s business of bringing you the bizarre news stories!

Just One Drop of Blood…

This first one I found is really actually pretty bizarre, in my opinion.  According to, there’s an auction house in the U.K. that has a vial of the former President Ronald Reagan’s blood up for auction.  The auction house claims that the sample of Reagan’s blood was taken following the 1981 assassination attempt on the president.

Really?  I’m not even sure where to start on this one.  First of all, what kind of sicko actually steals a vial of someone else’s bodily fluids?  And for what purpose?  And what have they been doing with it these last 30-odd years?  Has it been sitting in someone’s fridge right next to the milk?  Blech!  I’m having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around this.

The second thought I have is:  who in the world would want it?  Presuming there are laws that would preclude using it for cloning purposes, what do you do with it instead?  Frame it?  Hang it on a chain around your neck?  How’d you like to receive that in your grandmother’s will?  “To my great grandson, George, I bequeath the vile of blood I’ve carried around my neck these last 72 years.  Love and cherish it as much as I have.”  Ick!

Somehow I’m having a hard time thinking that Mr. President would be fully okay with this!

For the entire article, you can follow this link to the MSNBC story.

Hand Sanitizer for that Special Someone…

This second story I have to bring you is a spinoff of one that I brought you a couple of weeks ago where I spotlighted weird product names.  A couple of days ago, my daughter’s best friend sent her images of the following two products as she thought they’d be “helpful” to me in writing my blog.  While I’m absolutely thankful for the material, I just have to wonder where in the world this 16 year old girl found this product?!

Are you ready for this?  I can only post pics and then I think I’ll refrain from commenting, as I’m already in need of a brain bleaching from the mental images the products themselves give me.  As they once said on Saturday Night Live, “Talk amongst yourselves!”


In case you should desire to purchase either of these products, they’re available at your local pharmacy or through  Look for them by name.

5 responses to “She’s Alive!”

  1. Those hand sanitzers would make great stocking stuffers!


    1. Hahaha! That’s absolutely hilarious that you say that! I was thinking the same thing this morning after I posted it! I was thinking that it’s too bad it’s no Christmas cuz I could run a weekly segment on unusual stocking stuffers! LOL


  2. Hahahahha! The products are insanely funny! I have to wonder, how many people touch their genitals and then shake hands with someone? EWWWWWWW!!! When I’m in traffic or at an intersection I have always managed to witness a nose pick – same thought runs through my mind. Whose hand am I shaking and what have they done with it? EWWWWW!

    This feature goes along with my post from yesterday. Images I’d rather forget. haha!


    1. Hahahaha! Now I will NEVER shake hands with another person without wondering this same thing! LOL!


  3. Maybe you need the hand sanitizer after rubbing the blood………..oh never mind, bad thought train pulling out……….LOL just kidding….


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