“What the…What? Wednesday!” – Bizarre Product Labels

It’s What the…What?  Wednesday!, and I love this day because I get to surf the web to bring you the bizarre!

The other day I was shopping at my local Target store when I ran across this line of dog shampoo products called “I (Heart) Pet Head.”  I have to admit that I walked past it, stopped, backed up, and then had to pull a couple of bottles off the shelf to look at them a bit more closely.  Do people actually buy these things?  Apparently – and much to my own dismay – some of us actually do, because I couldn’t resist throwing a couple of these bottles into my own shopping cart.  The name alone was enough to sell me and I just had to bring it home to show my husband.  There’s no way he’d believe me if he didn’t see it for himself.  And the bonus is that it smells good!

And then I got to thinking…a dangerous prospect, which frequently ends up with me in trouble for something.  What other bizarre product names are out there?  This couldn’t be the most bizarre!  So I sat down at my computer to surf the web for some other very strange product names, and the following are a few of the ones I found.

Pee Cola from Ghana.  I’m speechless.  First, why would I want to drink “Pee Cola”? And second, if I were to drink “Pee Cola,” why would I go to Ghana to get it when the garden variety is available pretty much everywhere you look!  Pee Cola…that’s a pretty unfortunate name for a product, don’tcha think?  It sounds like a bad prank that siblings would play on each other.  Not that I would know about those kinds of pranks (cough, cough)!

It would seem that “Pee Cola” isn’t quite enough to satisfy the palates of some people.  For those who need a boost, there’s the option for “Vergina Beer.”    Oh ish!  Just the name and the mental image it conjures is enough to make me gag!  I really think this is one that doesn’t need any further comments…you can just let your mind wander on this one.

And finally, because you know that drinking either the Vergina Beer or the Pee Cola is gonna make you sick all over yourself, I bring you Lemon Fresh Barf Detergent!  Because what could possibly be better after your Pee Cola or your Vergina Beer than cleaning up with Lemony Fresh Barf?  Seriously…if this is the best these companies can come up with to label their products, maybe I need to go into labeling and advertising!

These are only a smattering of the truly bizarre product names I found.  Some were simply too much for a blog I’d like to keep at a PG-rating.  If your curiosity gets the best of you and you’d like to know some of the other products I discovered, you can follow this link for a list of the 12 Most Unfortunate Product Names. Every one of them will leave you scratching your head, and a few of them will make you want to bleach your brain to remove the mental images they conjure!

3 responses to ““What the…What? Wednesday!” – Bizarre Product Labels”

  1. I’ve really grown to love What the… what? Wednesday. These are truly gross. It only makes me wonder what kind of people create this stuff and buy it? haha!


  2. Lemony Fresh Barf… gotta love just saying that. Thanks for the giggles 🙂


    1. Hahaha! My pleasure!


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