What the…What? Wednesday….More on Sweet and … just … more!

Good morning, Friends!  It’s What the…What? Wednesday.  My favorite day of the week because I get to scour the national headlines to find you the interesting and bizarre.  This is just too much fun!

Last Wednesday, I brought you Sweet Brown; a charismatic woman in Oklahoma whose apartment building caught fire in the middle of the night, causing her to have issues with her bronchitis.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Right?  If you missed the story, you can follow this link to last week’s What the…What? Wednesday blog.

It seems that Ms. Brown’s popularity just continues to grow.  Late last night, a good friend posted to his Facebook wall a new t-shirt available through www.cafepress.com.  All Sweet Brown fans simply must have this t-shirt!

To order this shirt, follow this link.

All I can really say is that I sincerely hope Ms. Brown is cashing in on some of the goldmine that her charismatic words and personality have inspired!


The next story I have to bring you is one that seriously caused me to take a double-take.  The couple I’m about to introduce to you will certainly go down in the history books as both the coolest grandparents ever, as well as the absolute stupidest grandparents ever!

It seems that a Florida couple, Belinda and Paul Berloni, were babysitting their granddaughter when they got the grand idea to hook her toy ride-on car to the back of their SUV and tow her around town!  It seems that Mr. Berloni was driving, as Mrs. Berloni sat in the rear cargo area of their SUV cheering their granddaughter on as she was towed in her “small plastic hot wheels car.”

Really?  How in the world do any two sane adults think for even a second that this is a good idea!  And they were babysitting their granddaughter!  Would you leave your children with these people???  For more on this story, you can follow this link to the MSNBC story.

And Finally…

A California man is suing BMW, claiming that a bike ride on the “ridge-like” seat of the BMW gave him a “severe case of priapism.”

Okay, folks…I’m the “Word Queen,” but I had to look that one up.  Priapism.  Yikes!  For those who don’t know, here’s how dictionary.com defines the word:




1.  Pathology . continuous, usually nonsexual erection of the penis…

Ummmm…Yikes!  I’m afraid that’s way too much information for me.  Whoa!  In simple terms, this poor man has been “suffering” from a 20-month-long erection. Yikes!  My first thought was that this guy is just bragging.  My second thought was:  Free advertising for BMW!  It’ll be fun to see if their sales reach an all-time high.  I’d love to hear what y’all think!

For more information on this story, you can follow this link to the USA Today story.

12 responses to “What the…What? Wednesday….More on Sweet and … just … more!”

  1. Some days I just wonder, Why?? Plus how long does fame last? ( the grandparents oh what in the world??) bmw dude oh oh oh…..


    1. ROFL! That BMW dude is just…bizarre!


  2. Haha! I think I need that Sweet Brown tee shirt! The grandparents… Seriously? Usually grandparents are worriers and over protective. These two are obviously cut from a different grandparent cloth! Haha!


    1. And to think I freaked out if my dad even considered driving to the end of the driveway with my kids not securely buckled into their carseats! Ack! LOL


  3. The grandparents story cracks me up. You are right, cool and stupid at the me time. Lol.

    As for mr biker, he obviously didn’t mind if he kept riding. Lollll. 😀


    1. The bike rider really made me laugh. So he’s riding around town and…what?…he must’ve realized that the vibrations on that ridged seat were giving him an erection…one would think. I don’t wanna know how long he was on the back of it or whether it reached its…ummm…natural conclusion. I’m just sayin’ that I wouldn’t want to ride that bike after him! LOL


      1. maybe he was just “excited” after his ride. Lol. The “hmmm” of the motor….. I better stop while I’m behind……..


      2. Holy buckets! I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking something when I just read this! Ack! It’s so hard to keep this post PG! LOL


  4. Heck, I am not going to complain about ice cream for supper at Grandma’s anymore. At least she never tried to drag my kids behind a car! The stupidity never ceases to amaze!


    1. Hahaha! I guess this falls under the category of “pick your battles!”


  5. I love CafePress! It is always up on the crazy news. The bike story had me laughing out loud! I wonder how he explained that to whomever he was meeting after his ride. 😉


    1. Hahahaha! That’s a good point about who he was meeting! LOL!!


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