A stool is a stool is a stool. Or is it?

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It’s What the…What? Wednesday, and I’ve been scouring news stories and current events to bring you the bizarre! This week was an absolute no-brainer, and all I can really say is that some people have wayyyyy too much time on their hands!

Earlier this week, my husband was surfing the net and came across this article entitled, Are You Sitting Down? 10 Nerdiest Bathrooms. The article was mildly amusing, showing ten bathrooms that would make even the geekiest of the geeks envious. Some of the more interesting examples were:

A Mario Bathroom
My 7-year old would love this bathroom! Well, to be honest, probably my husband would like this bathroom, too. Personally speaking, though, if I were to design this bathroom, I’d put the “Game Over” sign on the little flusher knob on the toilet. But hey – that’s just me.

© Nerd Approved

The Star Wars Bathroom
This was actually my favorite in terms of creativity, but please…don’t anyone tell Braden about this one because it’ll be a “must have” for my house. Seriously…isn’t it enough that we have just-about-everything-else-Star Wars? I don’t even mind so much referring to Braden as “Lord Vader” and waiting while he uses the “The Force” to open elevator doors; but I don’t think I can handle a bathroom, too. I will admit, however, that it would make for an interesting conversation piece, though the idea of Chewbacca, R2D2 and C3PO watching me shower is a little unsettling.

© Nerd Approved

The Video Game Urinal
“What the…What?” you ask. Yup…it caused me to take a double-take as well. Deep in the heart of England is a British Pub called The Exhibit where the owner has decided to install – get this – video game urinals. According to the story, the game is “controlled” by the stream of urine from the player. Move the stream in any direction to move your player and win the game. But you better wait until you have a full bladder, because the game is over when your stream of urine ends.

Seriously? I can totally see it now: there will be some wives and girlfriends who will never be able to get their other halves out of that bathroom. Women will cease to have the exclusive right to go to the bathroom in groups. Men will now need to take their buddies so they can compete for high score. And what happens if you win and your buddy gets mad? We’ve all seen how some “boys” lose momentary touch with reality when their player dies in a video game! Woe is me! The potential for mishap! All I can say is that I would not want to be in charge of cleaning that bathroom!

This really is one of those things you have to see to believe…so check out the YouTube video.

One more thought on this because I can’t resist: Is it just me, or is it just a smidge disconcerting to realize the guy in the video is actually “playing the game” with the camera on him? What the…What??

9 responses to “A stool is a stool is a stool. Or is it?”

  1. what ever happened to that pricey handbag with the dr. pepper all over it?


    1. I carried it for about 9 years and then retired it to the closet. For the price of the bag, anything less than 9 years wouldn’t have gotten enough use out of it. 🙂


  2. Haha! I draw the line at having to take a shower with Chewbacca!
    The only benefit of a Mario or Star Wars bathroom would be that you could more easily lure your kids into the tub. Other than that, I don’t think it would add any re-sale value! haha!


    1. Hahaha! I hadn’t even considered “resale value.” LOL!


  3. Those were too funny. I checked out the link. THe Futurama one with the big chick was kinda freaky LOL


    1. I kinda thought they were all just a little freaky! LOL!


  4. Haha Cathie! Loved the title of this post! And I definitely agree with your improvement of putting game over on the flush handle. I may even make a homemade one today and stick it on the handle and see how long it takes 37 to notice! HA! Also don’t you think the video game could be put to better use as a potty training motivation? I think there might be some money to be made there! LOL 🙂


    1. Oh lord! I can’t even begin to imagine using it as a potty training (s)tool. LOL


  5. These were great! Thanks for sharing.


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