Never Let ’em See You Laugh

Among the most important rules of parenting are three that a parent should never forget:

  1. Pick your battles.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t laugh.
  3. If they see you laugh, you’ve lost the battle.

I was reminded of this quite recently during a discussion with my 7-year son, Braden, who is probably the quickest-witted of anyone in our family.  If this child doesn’t join the high school debate team and/or become an attorney some day, he’s totally missing his calling.

One morning before school, Braden came to me holding a bag of  Doritos.  “Mom, can I have these chips?” he asked.

“You haven’t had breakfast yet.  You  need to at least eat breakast, and then we can talk about it,” I responded.

With a look that only a seasoned 7-year old thinker could give, Braden responded, “Ya know, Mom…I’m getting older.  I think I’m getting too old for breakfast, so I think I should just go ahead and eat these chips.”

I laughed.  (Rule #2 – failed)

He saw me laugh.  (Rule #3 – failed)

Having failed at Rule #2 and Rule #3, I had no choice but to let him eat the Doritos.  You see, while there are three basic rules for parenting, there’s only one basic rule of childhood:  Best two out of three wins.

4 responses to “Never Let ’em See You Laugh”

  1. This is so funny and true! I was always getting caught laughing, I couldn’t quite turn my head fast enough. Once they figure out that you’re a softy and that you find their little remarks comical, it’s all over.
    (I’m pretty sure it just makes them love us that much more.)


    1. I swear that kids are the funniest human beings in the world! I bet there isn’t a day that goes by that EVERY child doesn’t say something funny like this! It’s probably that very thing which separates us from the animals and keeps us from eating our young! 🙂


  2. Love this! I break the laugh rules with my boys all of the time. It does make life more interesting! 🙂


    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I break this rule almost every single day! I swear kids were put on this earth to make us laugh!


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