Well. This is embarrassing.

Not at all book related, but something I felt compelled to reblog because the sentiment is so critically important. So often we take what we’re given for granted, then snub our noses at the have-nots. Maybe the best form of understanding is “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Shut Your Whore Mouth

So. It’s been a hot minute. What happened is this: I had some super big blogging plans, and they never quite came together the way I hoped, so rather than saying, “Well, that didn’t work–what else can we talk about?” I just pretended like none of it had ever happened. Deny and avoid and repeat. I know. I’m working really hard in therapy. But something happened today that kind of fucked me up a little, and it’s too long for a Facebook post, and it’s definitely too long for a tweet, and since we moved away from Florida, I’m having trouble finding suitable day drinking companions who can ponder the deeper aspects of life over pinot grigio on a weekday afternoon.

I’ve been volunteering for one of my favorite organizations since about January. Most of my work thus far has involved updating donor info and doing a lot of the data…

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