The News is Out!

Oklahoma Dust Bowl / Photo Credit: Oklahoma Historial Society

If you’ve not heard yet, the news is out!  Penner Publishing announced today the forthcoming release of my new novel, The Edge of Nowhere!  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  To read about it, follow this link.

What can I tell you about this new novel?  It’s gritty and real.  It tells the story of 87 year old Victoria Hasting Harrison Green who has survived the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and The Great Depression…but at what cost?  Widowed at only 26 with nine children, poor, and broke with no resources, there is nothing she won’t do to provide for and protect her young family…including murder. But a woman surviving in a man’s world must make some sacrifices, and those sacrifices can change who you are.  Can Victoria’s grandchildren understand that the choices she made not only shaped her into the woman she is today, but were imminently necessary to secure their futures?

Look for this title to be released in Late 2015 or Early 2016 by Penner Publishing, and contact your local bookstores for copies!

For more information about the Oklahoma Dust Bowl that inspired this story, click here to visit the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Website.

4 responses to “The News is Out!”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Very interesting premise!!! Can’t wait to see more!


  2. Can’t wait to read it.


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