Motorcyles by Dr. Pepper

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” ~ J.M. Barrie

I love the imagination of a child, as there is no end to their creativity.  Give a child a blanket and he’ll make a cape out of it and become Superman.   Hand him an ordinary stick and it becomes a wand and he the magician or a sorcerer.  Or give him a box of dress-up clothes, and there’s no end to where his imagination will take him.

I remember my daughter, Amber, at about age 3.  I had this stuffed Boyd’s Bear with glasses.  She removed the bear’s glasses, donned them herself, picked up a small book and she became a teacher.  Another time she became a full-fledge firefighter with just a simple plastic firefighters hat.  And days later, she was a princess with just a few dress up clothes.

Boys aren’t really any different.  Once when Braden was only about 5, he tied the ends of his favorite blanket together at the neck, stripped down to only his underwear, and ran through the house screaming “Look at me!  I’m Captain Underpants!”  And then came Halloween and the much-coveted Darth Vader costume.  Within moments, his imagination transported him into the world of Star Wars and he became the notorious Darth Vader.

Sometimes, though, you have to scratch your head at just how creative kids can be, and you have to wonder where in the world they get some of their ideas.  The other morning I was standing in my bathroom getting ready to begin my day.  Suddenly, Braden came racing into the bathroom and, as he did, he was making this weird “zooming” sound with his mouth.  Between his legs and on its side was a can of Diet Dr. Pepper..

“Braden?  What are you doing?” I asked.

Giving me a look that clearly said, “Duh,”  he responded by asking,  “Isn’t it obvious?”

I looked at him for  a moment, waiting for inspiration to hit, but I was completely at a loss.  Finally I said, “Not to me.  What in the world are you doing?”

With an audible sigh of annoyance, Braden responded.  “Mooooooooooom!”  he said.  “I’m riding the world’s tiniest motorcycle! How can you not know that?”

Okay then.  I rest my case.

5 responses to “Motorcyles by Dr. Pepper”

    1. Thanks! Kids are pretty funny in general, huh?


  1. Those are the magic years… I wish we could stay in that place of imagination forever. Sweet stories to treasure : )


    1. I know what you mean! Sometimes I wish my kids were like Peter Pan and never wanted to grow up. 😦


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